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Join Us in Giving Hope to Ugandan Children

At Project Hope Uganda, we are committed to providing support, education, and opportunities for vulnerable children in Uganda.

Love Crosses Oceans

Project Hope Uganda fundraises to support two orphanages located in Ntandi and Fort Portal, Uganda. The organization actively raises funds to fulfill its mission of providing financial assistance for the care of children living in these orphanages. Although it is headquartered in Vancouver, WA, Project Hope Uganda's main focus remains on supporting these facilities that help bring hope to underprivileged children in Uganda.

About PHU

Project Hope Uganda is a 503C nonprofit organization, EIN #82-1795430. We are committed to helping orphaned children in Western Uganda. All donations go directly to support our children and help provide them with a brighter future

We feel these kids will be the change makers the country so desperately needs. We are also excited to announce that this year we began financing some micro-loans to assist individuals in needs and also making some dreams come true. As always, we are dedicated to special need situations often, life saving, that you can find under our “stories of hope” section.
Please join us in providing hope to those struggling on the other side of the world. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Key Current Projects That Set Us Apart

Check out what Project Hope: Uganda is doing! Please help us continue to offer these programs

Become a Pen Pal

Over 80 children have discovered the joy of family through this incredible program

Food Supplementation Program

Our children living in Ntandi receive only three foods every day. The cost of this program is approximately $20-$25 per week.

Investment Year/Vocational School

The investment year is a one year opportunity for the children to choose 3 occupations that they are interested in.

Wellness Club

Our Wellness Club was established in 2016. The emphasis on the club is to educate and promote healthy living.

The cost of this program includes purchasing of soap, vitamins, repairs and maintenance to the water stations along with a monthly stipend to our wellness club president who oversees the program.
When initially establishing this club, we installed 12 hand-washing stations at the primary and secondary schools in Ntandi. All 1,000 children have been educated regarding hand-washing and are provided soap and running water to wash their hands. Prior to our club, students had no idea of the importance of hand-washing and had no access to wash their hands..

Microloan Program

In 2019, we saw a tremendous need for people needing capital but no way to obtain it. We started our microloan program and to date we have provided 14 loans to Ugandans in need. These loans have provided medical care, construction of homes, business ventures and educational expense.

Stories Of Hope

We are frequently presented with some of the most heart wrenching and unbelievable cases of people in need, and it is a great joy to get to help these people.

Nankunda Pala

We were recently contacted by a friend, Thembo Moses, who is a medical student in Uganda about a young, disabled girl named Pala. For less than $100 we were able to change this girl’s life along with her grandmother who had been carrying this sweet girl around since her mother passed away in 2013. See the reports and photos below written from Moses to read Pala’s Story of Hope.


Rachael is a 28 year old single mom of two young boys. She lives in a very remote area near the Congo border where the only access she has had to medical care was a witch doctor. Witchcraft is common in many areas. She developed a boil on her leg about one year ago. It became infected and the witch doctor told her if she treated her leg, it would move to the other leg.
Her family had no money and felt there was nothing that could be done. Six months ago, because of the progression of the infection, she became completely bedridden laying only on her left side. A pastor we know that lives in the same area found out about her and asked us for help. It was $15USD to get her transported a couple of hours to the hospital by ambulance.


Marriam is a 17 year old crippled orphan from Uganda who has resided in our orphanage home since she was 5. In 2012, she stole our hearts when we saw her condition and watched firsthand as she struggled living her life unable to walk. She comes from a remote, zero income village close to the Congo border where daily life is a matter of surviving. We have made it our priority to ensure that this girl gets the help she needs to free her from chronic pain and possibly the chance to walk. After two years of denials, appeals and lots and lots of paperwork, she stepped foot on American soil on June 2nd, 2015.

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Our board serves on a volunteer basis, so 100% of all donations go directly to serving the children.

Feel free to reach out and connect with one of Our Leaders

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