Marriam is a 17 year old crippled orphan from Uganda who has resided in our orphanage home since she was 5. In 2012, she stole our hearts when we saw her condition and watched firsthand as she struggled living her life unable to walk. She comes from a remote, zero income village close to the Congo border where daily life is a matter of surviving. We have made it our priority to ensure that this girl gets the help she needs to free her from chronic pain and possibly the chance to walk. After two years of denials, appeals and lots and lots of paperwork, she stepped foot on American soil on June 2nd, 2015.

Meet Marriam! A special girl with a lovely smile and a kind heart. An important child that needs a lot of extra help in order to overcome her past and survive her future. An orphan in Uganda that desperately needs orthopedic surgery in order to walk again.

Many details of Marriam’s past remain unclear, at this time. We do know that both of her parents died on the same day, when she was only three years old, and that she hasn’t walked since about the age of five. Some sources say that she was drugged by a relative that broke both of her legs so that she could beg for money in order to survive, and others believe that she was handicapped as the result of disease. Whatever the circumstance, she has suffered greatly, and really needs medical intervention in order to overcome her unfortunate incapacitation.


As a young child, Marriam crawled around the streets, begging for food, until someone finally rescued her and brought her to an orphanage in Kampala. She eventually transferred to the boarding school in Ntandi, where she continues to reside. Her physical condition has greatly hindered her success in school; she is only in second grade right now, even at a high school age. The officials at her school tell us that, in her current condition, she may not thrive at all without the help of a private tutor.

Up until just a couple of years ago, Marriam’s mobility largely consisted of scooting around the dirt floors while holding a pair of flip flops, to protect her hands from blisters. She was eventually taken to a doctor in Kampala that fitted her for braces and crutches, which finally allowed her the ability to move around in a vertical position, for the first time in years. That was helpful for her; however, she still needs orthopedic surgery, and also probably physical therapy, to permanently fix her legs and finally help her walk again.

At this time, we prayerfully continue to engage in the hopeful search of finding an orthopedic surgeon to assist us on our mission trip to Uganda this February. It is very important that Marriam is formally diagnosed by a medical professional that can help advise us of all available treatment options, before we make any further decisions, either abroad or on African soil. Do you know of anyone that is willing to help us help her? If so, then please encourage them to contact us soon!

Let’s find a miracle for Marriam!

–Update–Whatever the circumstance, she has suffered greatly, and really needs medical intervention in order to overcome her unfortunate incapacitation.

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