Nankunda Pala

We were recently contacted by a friend, Thembo Moses, who is a medical student in Uganda about a young, disabled girl named Pala. For less than $100 we were able to change this girl’s life along with her grandmother who had been carrying this sweet girl around since her mother passed away in 2013. See the reports and photos below written from Moses to read Pala’s Story of Hope.

Background for Nankunda Pala

Pala is a daughter of late Musiimenta Phoena who died in 2013 due to HIV/AIDS. She is 9 years old and now staying with a grandmother who is 54 years in Kibingo village, Muhito parish and Kitagata sub county Shema district in Western Uganda. She was born disabled and her disability is that she can neither walk nor speak. A person can only carry her and put her in a seat. Unless you remove her from the seat she is unable to get out. In case it rains and no one is there, you can only find when rain has beaten her seriously.

Nankunda was very excited when she saw me snapping her photo.

We were making a community outreach as medical students of Kampala International University performing a health and nutrition education from household per household, I came across this young orphan disabled girl with her grandmother. I was touched when I saw her and when I asked more about her. The grandmother is trying her level best to keep her life sustained.

The challenges I saw with this girl were:

  • She is unable to walk and speak. She can only smile.
  • She has not yet gone to school.

Things she needs:

  • A wheel chair to enable her move from one point to other.
  • She needs to be put in a school for sign language.
  • She needs to be taught life surviving skills.


I kindly request you to support this young disabled orphan girl because your support will enable her to live for tomorrow, otherwise she is hopeless.

May God bless you.

Thembo Moses, medical Student Kampala International University

Nankunda Pala’s Report After a Wheelchair

As earlier on said Pala Nankunda is a young disabled orphan who is unable to support herself to sit in upright position. For her to sit in an upright position someone needs to support her always, her digits of the fore fingers are not in proper anatomical position and hence not functioning properly. And other mild abnormalities which can be corrected by physiotherapist.

Pala resting on floor upon arriving Kasese townPhoto showing a disability in her digits of the hands.

Yesterday, 14/08/2017 was a very nice and joyful day for Pala, grandmother and as well as me after seeing a wheelchair being fixed for Pala. It was a moment that created a positive psychological change in Pala, mind and the grandmother starting seeing future for her which she had lost.

Engineer in a green shirt and myself started fixing the chair.

Fixing Pala on a wheelchair for easy fitting.

Pala and grandmother excited and happy while I sit beside them.

Hope for Pala.

The physiotherapist said “Pala can possibly walk if attended to by a physiotherapist since she is still young because her muscles are still flexible though they are stiff especially of the lower limbs”.

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