Christmas Break 2018

Kids are officially on break for the Christmas holiday.  We have 16 children that have elected to not go home to stay with their guardians.  Typically because the guardian is unable to feed and care for them.  With our school break program that began this year, all kids that remain are staying at the orphanage home.  So if your child resides in the school dorms, they relocate to the orphanage for the next 10 weeks.  We supply all food for the break, will be providing them with a special Christmas meal and a small amount of pocket money to by a little something in town.

The older kids in Fort Portal will be spending only 2 weeks out of the 10 weeks with their guardians.  They will celebrate Christmas with them.  They will begin the jobshadowing program in early January.

School will resume for the primary and secondary children on February 9th when are team members are present.

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