2018 Mission Trip

Five of us traveled to Uganda in January to March of 2018.  We traveled separately and staggered our stays so we had a significant presence for almost three months with a lot being accomplished.  Our team member, Arlo was in Uganda for 6 weeks and she spent much of her time focused on our vocational home in Fort Portal.  Brenda, Craig and his son, Blake focused on several needs at our Ntandi orphanage.  The biggest accomplishment was creating a library in our orphanage home.  The local school does not have a library so we were able to provide about 150 books for our children along with some educational games and movies.  We plan to continue to fill this library bringing items at each of our trips.  John did some field work around the Bundibugyo area discovering many desperate needs that we plan to pursue.  Stay tuned.

Our children are doing well but we continue to have issues with weekly cases of of malaria, typhoid and dysentery.  Education is the single most important aspect of any of our visits.  We will always continue to educate on how to remain healthy despite poor living conditions and work to improve those conidtions. We have been able to improve sanitation over the years although this is something that needs to have continuous maintenance that costs money.  We are consistently providing soap and water and any repairs to all of our han1dwashing stations which has been a huge accomplishment with zero means to wash hands a few years ago.

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