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About Us

Project Hope Uganda is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the people of Uganda. We currently have 12 Programs dedicated to improving the lives of our family on the other side of the World.

We are a nonprofit dedicated to help the people of Western Uganda. Currently, we have 60 orphan children who reside in our homes and 4 full time, Ugandan employees. Our orphanage opened in 2006 in the village of Ntandi, a zero income area near the Congo border which is one of the most desperate areas in the world.

In 2016, we opened our vocational home in the town of Fort Portal. Here, our focus is to provide children with post-secondary education while transitioning them over a one to four year period to become self-supporting adults. As of 2024, we have assisted over 20 students to become financially independent.

We opened 7 toddler programs throughout the Bundibugyo area in 2017. Currently we serve 1000 toddlers and employ 22 leaders instructing basic english to better prepare them to begin primary school.

In 2019 we broadened our giving by assisting high performing, gifted students who have parents unable to pay school fees. We feel these kids will be the change makers the country so desperately needs. We are excited that in 2019, we also began financing microloans to assist individuals to be able to start businesses, pay medical bills, assist with tuition and build houses. To date we have provided over 75 loans to individuals. As always, we are dedicated to special need, life saving, medical situations that can find under our “stories of hope” section.

One of our biggest dreams is to build a business center where we can better transition our vocational students from learning to practicing their trade. We have been planning this the past couple of years and hoping 2024 will be the year to make this a reality.


We have completed numerous successful projects.


We provide quality education to our children.


We prioritize the healthcare needs of our children.


We work towards creating sustainable living for our children.

Please join us in providing hope to those struggling on the other side of the world.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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