Become a Pen Pal

Over 80 children have discovered the joy of family through this incredible program.
Welcome to our Orphan Pen Pal Sponsorship Program. We are very grateful that you have become a part of making a difference in a child’s life on the other side of the world. We began this program in 2013 to allow each of our children to connect and have personal relationship with someone here in the US. These students refer to their sponsors as their family.

We currently have 60 orphaned primary and secondary students that are part of our program. The orphanage was opened in 2006 and this program was established in 2013 to give these children a meaningful relationship outside of their sheltered village in Western Uganda. Some of our children have no family at all and rely solely on the orphanage mother, teachers and/or family friends to guide them. Often these adults have so many children to attend to that each child having their own family in the US really means the world to them. We have been fortunate to hand deliver your letters to these kids which has provided an insider’s view of what your relationship means to them. The kids really look forward to receiving your letters and love passing around the photos they receive from you. It really is the only glimpse many of them see of the world outside of Uganda. Over the years, we have had 8 sponsors who have been able to travel to Uganda to meet their child.
With the addition of more children, it has become increasingly difficult to track letters. To make this program a success, we ask that you please get letters turned in on time. Due dates are set a year in advance and several email reminders will be sent. It is heartbreaking for kids to not receive their letters that they look so forward to. We understand there are emergencies so if there is something we can do to help, please let us know. If this commitment becomes too much at any time, also, please let us now so we can reassign your child. Your letters can be mailed or hand delivered to us. Please refrain from sending letters via email.
A summary of the commitment is as follows:
• Turn in 3 letters to your child with photos each year by the due dates provided below
• Assemble a care package for your child once a year that the team will deliver, this has been on hold but are hoping to resume this in 2022
• Contribute $50 for your child annually
2021 Due Dates:
March 1st letter, photos and $50 sponsorship fee ($25 to their post secondary education, $25 to spend as they choose on our shopping trip)
July 1st letter and photos
November 1st, letter and photos
We wish everyone could see these children’s eyes light up when they receive their letter and photos. Each of these letters and photos is not only an expression of love to these children but a lesson in learning as well. For them to see photos of you, your family, the outdoors, activities, etc….it is all new. Feel free to ask them if there is something they would like to learn more about, encourage them in school, write about core values like honesty, commitment, compassion, love, respect and making good choices. We have found that as they become teenagers, as many typically do, they often lose interest in school and they have no adult to follow up with them and encourage them on their studies. We want them to know that they can have an amazing life if they are willing to work hard because we are here to support them. Thank you again for all that you do. Please know that your involvement can make a HUGE difference in lives of children who have very, very little on the other side of the world..
Please note: we do not read letters so if your child mentions something that is concerning in their letter to you, please contact us so we can follow up. Thank you!

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